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Porsche GT3 RS

Porsche GT3 RS, originally uploaded by jezza323.

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Another nice car from the Yorkville Exotic Car Show on Sunday. This Porsche GT3 RS certainly was eye catching, the Ice White combined with the bright orange/red of the highlights made it easy to spot. It also had an interesting numberplate, as you seen in another shot I took here. Makes you wonder if the owner has taken the car there?

NRDSCHLF, originally uploaded by jezza323.

As per the previous shot posted, the lighting was harsh, and the crowds were immense. The best way I found to get around the crowds was to get right up against the barriers with the wide angle lens to capture the cars without people all over the shot. To help with the lighting I used lightroom and bumped up the fill light quite a lot to bring out the detail in the shadows.


Porsche 356 Carrera


Porsche 356 Carrera, originally uploaded by jezza323.

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Yorkville Exotic Car Show

I went for a wander down to the Yorkville Exotic Car show yesterday, and the Porsche club had this beautiful Porsche 356 on display. It is clearly very well looked after, but not babied, with a number of historic rally participation stickers adorning its window and front bumper. The only things this car was missing are chrome bumpers and the chrome hubcaps. I am pretty confident that the owner would have these parts tucked away safely, they wouldn’t be worth risking in motorsport events.

Hard to Get a Good Angle in Good Light

It was so busy, with so many people there to see the cars. The only way I could get reasonable shots of the cars without people in the way was to get right up against the ropes, and use my wide angle Sigma 10-20mm lens at the wider zooms. It was also very bright, which made for some harsh lighting and shadows, but a big bump in “Fill Light” in Lightroom has helped balance out the lighting without introducing too much noise.


Big thanks to the owner of this car for putting it on show, it was great to see it. And congratulations on a magnificent Porsche as well!

Grand Prix du Canada


Grand Prix du Canada Stand 21, originally uploaded by jezza323.

The Grandstand

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently spent the weekend in Montreal to attend the Grand Prix du Canada (Formula 1 Grand Prix). You must view this panorama in large size!

The View

I had seats in Grandstand #21, which luckily happened to be right next to the entrance to the track, as well as having a great view of the hairpin. This is the view from the edge of the stand, my seats were a bit off to the left of the photo, but the view was almost as good!

Shooting the Panorama

This panorama was shot using my Pentax K200D and Tamron 17-50mm. I took about 10 shots in portrait orientation at 17mm, with lots of overlap to give me the best chance of a successful panorama. It worked out very well considering the challenges of the image, and only the railing of the grandstand and some minor problems from moving people were encountered.

Harsh Lighting

It was a very bright sunny day which meant the shadows were quite harsh, so, once Autopano had stitched the image together for me, I loaded the single TIFF file into Photomatix and generated a low key HDR. This is the result, good view isn’t it?

Carn Webber!

To make the panorama extra special, that is my favourite driver Mark Webber in his Red Bull Racing car approaching on the right side of the image. Webber finished the race weekend 3rd, after being hit and spun in the 1st corner of the race, a good comeback! It was also a very spectacular race, Jenson Button won the race after a come from behind victory. During the race he had a drive through penalty, a flat tyre and was run into by his own team mate! What a performance.

#24 – Lakeside Raceway

#24 – Lakeside Raceway, originally uploaded by jezza323.

A good friend of mine finally finished piecing his new race car together, so I tagged along to a friday Lakeside practice with him for a shakedown run. Of course I took the camera along with, and managed to get a few shots in between his sessions. It was a bit overcast, dark and grey, but managed to get a few good shots in.

I took this one with the Pentax K200D and then Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 lens. You are very close to the action at this track so a long lens isnt really required, a 70-200mm would be about perfect I think.